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The Park Presbyterian Church Session

Governance in a Presbyterian congregation rests with Ruling Elders. They are elected by fellow church members to discern God’s will for the church family, and to then put in place ministries and policies to achieve it.   Elders typically oversee groups of volunteer members—organized into committees and commissions—who join in implementing these policies and programs.

The staff at Park Church work closely with the committee/commission most closely related to their area of service


Currently, the Session of Park Presbyterian Church is organized to serve the church family in the following areas:

Passionate Worship


Mission/Purpose Statement--


Ruling Elder John Rackley has responsibility for this vital part of our life together.


Here is a report on recent activity, on-going work, and future plans

John Rackley.jpeg

John Rackley

Intentional Faith Development


Mission/Purpose Statement--



Ruling Elders Roxanne Walker and Becky Pilarski currently spearhead this wide-ranging ministry.


Here is a report on recent activity, on-going work, and plans for the future:

Roxanne Walker.jpeg

Roxanne Walker

Becky Pilarski.jpeg

Becky Pilarski

Radical Hospitalilty


Mission/Purpose Statement-


Ruling Elders Sandy Parker, Mary Gaydos, Karen Kapper, and Susan Ivey share responsibility for this ministry.


Here is a report of recent activity, on-going work, and plans for the future:

Sandy Parker.jpeg

Sandy Parker

Mary Gaydos.jpeg

Mary Gaydos

Karen Kapper

Karen Capper.jpeg

Susan Ivey

Susan Ivey.jpeg

Risk Taking Mission and Service


Mission/Purpose Statement-


Ruling Elder Bruce McCowin currently chairs this vital ministry at Park.


Here is a report of recent activity, on-going efforts, and future plans:

Bruce McGowin.jpeg

Bruce McCowin

Extravagant Generosity


Ruling Elders Ginny Flick and Rich Reed see to the work of this important part of our ministry.


Here is a report on recent activity, on-going work, and future plans:

Ginny Flick.jpeg

Ginny Flick

Rich Reed.jpeg

Rich Reed



Ruling Elder Bob Gourley regularly convenes the Park “Fix It Crew” who take care of the various needs of the physical plant, here at Park. He also coordinates outside help, when needed, for larger issues. If you have skills that can help keep our building and grounds in tip-top shape, Bob would love to hear from you!  


To reach Bob through the Church Office link, here: 


Here is an update on recent activity, on-going work, and future plans.

Bob Gourley.jpeg

Bob Gourley



Ruling Elder Joe Budicak currently chairs the Administration Commission. Along with a team of volunteers, he oversees all matters related to our Front Office here at Park, as well as to matters affecting Park Church personnel.

Joe Budicak.jpeg

Joe Budicak

The Clerk of Session for Park Presbyterian Church: Susan Ivey


While also playing a leading role in Park’s ministries of hospitality, Susan also provides stellar service as our Clerk of Session.   In this role, she is responsible for keeping the minutes of Session meetings, as well as all matters relating to church membership.  We know she is a gem!

Susan Ivey.jpeg

Susan Ivey

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