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A Brief History of Park Presbyterian Church

The story of Park Presbyterian Church goes back to the year 1853 when a group of 75 members was organized as a congregation of the Associate Presbyterian Church.  By 1861, our first house of worship had been built on the corner of Third Avenue and Wilson Street, and the Associate Presbyterian denomination had merged with the Associate Reformed Presbyterian denomination to form the United Presbyterian denomination. We are currently part of the Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination, which was formed in 1983.

Our current building, on the corner of Third Street and Corporation Street, features Gothic Revival design elements and was dedicated in 1904. A sizable education wing was added in 1931. The building has been remodeled many times down the years. Our sanctuary features restored stained-glass windows, a marvelous pipe organ, and seating for over 400.

The first half of the twentieth century saw a steady growth in membership; over 1,100 members were on the roles during the 1950’s. This growth coincided with Beaver and surrounding townships being home to notable manufacturing businesses. Like all mainline churches in the United States, we have seen in a decline in our membership over the last decades, but our love for God and for our neighbor remains as vital as ever.

We believe strongly in the connectional and relational nature of the wider church, and so we are an active member of the Beaver-Butler Presbytery and the Synod of the Trinity. We also place great value on joining with other church families in shared worship and mission.

We are no strangers to often vigorous discussions around the “issues of the day.”  Our members represent a broad range of theological and political viewpoints, while finding a comfort in the unity given us by Jesus Christ. We warmly embrace unity in our diversity!

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