Park Presbyterian Church Preschool


The Park Presbyterian Church Pre-School is a non-profit school sponsored by the Park Presbyterian Church as a service to the church and community for children 4-5 years-old. 

The Pre-School provides a rich and varied environment where each child can experience activities that enrich and develop their social, emotional, and spiritual growth, and cognitive and motor skills.


The program is based on developmental learning in which a child learns in sequential stages at their own rate. There is an emphasis on learning through play experiences in the six interest centers: housekeeping, blocks, creative play, art, science, and learning with computers. Large group activities include storytelling, dramatics, music, learning games, special guests, field trips, etc. Perceptual motor skills and sensory activities are stressed. Math and language activities contribute to readiness.


Opportunities for large motor skill development are offered. Socialization takes place through small group play and circle activities stressing cooperation, listening, etc.


The children are encouraged to develop their independence through decision-making, problem solving, self-help and creative expression in many areas. The activities are planned to build the child’s positive self-image, helping them to experience cooperative play with their peers, accepting themselves as worthwhile human beings who are needed, wanted, liked, loved and accepted as they are “fearfully and wonderfully made” by a longing God.


Our program is designed to encourage the total development of each child. It aims to help each child grow into a more confident, competent, responsible, faithful human being, eager and enthusiastic for learning and life.